Johnny G

Spent half of this day in bed. We came home at 7 am this morning, so I guess it’s all fair. When on “tour” you don’t get a lot of sleep sadly, and especially not with plane delays and timezone changes. The day was spent with post-concert-depression in all honesty.This came too fast, and was over way too fast. I need another 7 or 20 SlipKnot concert, another 20 “Spit it Out” moments… Damn. I can’t even properly deal with the fact I won’t see these men for a while. These men who mean so much to me. I can’t even grasp the fact I actually met these men. That’s probably the weirdest thing for me.

But the little thing I did manage to do despite the PCD, was to go to IKEA and get myself a frame so I could frame my signed vinyl cover. I took out the vinyls of course, they’ll be put in something else. Can’t have a vinyl I’m not listening to, huh?


Jesus christ. I can’t grasp it. That I actually met them. That I actually held Corey Taylor. That I actually spoke to Sid. That I had Jim make jokes about me. What the hell. What the hell actually happened on Monday.

// Sara

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