“Don’t despair we will prevail, Our cause could never fail”

I haven’t blogged a whole lot lately. Or actually, not at all. The attacks of yesterday still has me stunned, even right now as I try to put this together. I’m on my way to what is supposed to be one great weekend/weekstart with Nightwish tonight and Mötley Crüe’s final show tomorrow with Alice Cooper as the opener. I still haven’t decided yet which I’m more looking foward to, but who cares.

It should be just the same, right? But it’s not. It won’t be. I remember last year, when Eurovision Song Contest had a terror threat against it. How there was a major increase in law enforcement. Big buses, polices walking around with gun-dogs and checking everything and everyone.

And it will be the same again. Tomorrow. And I’m glad, that they take this seriously, but it makes me so tired. Tired, that this is what happens. And I’m tired that people, the people in charge, doesn’t realize what they have done. What responsibility they have in all of this.

Gladly, this shows the best sides of metalheads. The metalheads that stand united through things like this, that cares for each other and take care of each other. And we will win. Love always wins.

“Don’t despair, we will prevail, our cause could never fail”

// Sara

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