Sing To Me

I started off the day fairly early with a meeting with the city, which followed by suitcase-hunting. I’ve finally managed to make up my mind about what suitcases I want for Australia, as I want to upgrade my “suitcase” wardrobe, and most importantly, add another two (one big and one cabin) so we can make sure we have everything with us.

Aside this, I’ve spent the day looking at hotels for Sydney and Melbourne. There’s a lot of things I need to take into consideration, we need to think about what would be best for going for the fests, but also what would be the best for just tourism purposes. And what cities? How long? How many travel days?

It’s a lot to take into consideration. Especially, when we also have a concert to attend this weekend, a concert I haven’t even thought about.. and it splits me. It’s Mötley Crües final show ever, and I found myself ruining everything I had planned because of stress.

Oh well. Shit happens, right?

// Sara

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