Army of Dolls

Today has been quite the ride. We have been working all day long – doing missions all over the county, making that cash. We’ve run a lot of errands – mostly looking at suitcases before our travel. I need to get a new proper suitcase beside my zebra one, and I’ve spotted a very nice purple snake-skin colored one, and a proper cabin baggade bag which is in white/brownish/blackish color. Cheap and nice! I want to have a stand out color in order to recognize it better at the airports, as well as preventing people from stealing it.

The second of all, and perhaps the biggest thing I’ve done today, is actually getting myself a new phone. I love my white Sony Ericsson Xperia whatever it is, but truth to be told, it’s not holding it together anymore. The frame has been broken, the home button has actually gotten loose and are taped with duct tape, but most importantly, it can’t save pictures properly, it can’t show things on website and things like that… and it felt a bit like… between buying an extra camera or getting a new properly functioning phone by simply extending my contract… it’s worth it. Don’t get too excited though – I won’t be surfing more because of this.

We wrapped this entire and exhausting day up with what could possibly be the best rehearsal session in this bands short history. We’re still doing “I’m Eighteen”, but out of nowhere we picked up the pace and made it almost twice as fast as the original, and we barely failed. That, my friends, is progress.

Now, I’m at home, about to go to bed really early because of a surprise job shift tomorrow.

// Sara

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