Something To Talk About

We applied for the VISAs today, once and for all. Might be weird you say, that we bought one of the flighttickets before even having a visa, but I’ll tell you right away that our flighttickets are completely refundable in case shit happens, and seeing it was only four spots left on the flights we didn’t have much of a choice.

And rather having to refund my tickets, than being granted a VISA I can’t even use.

So aside this… QUEEN + Adam Lambert was announced for Swede Rock today. It’s kind of… Huge. If you ask me. Like… I could never have dreamed about a booking like that, and it’s beyond amazing. Sweden Rock next year will be a killer.

Isn’t it fun though… We have an Australian trip upcoming, yet all I can think about is festivalsummer. Australia, do you wanna know something that pisses me off? I’ve literally walked around here, wishing for Epica to come to Australia… and today they announce Australian dates. ONE MONTH AFTER WE LEFT. Fucking hell. I’m really pissed now. It’s like all bands just decided to not go when we are there. Fuck them.

// Sara

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