Set The World On Fire

After working in the stable for the first time in what feels like forever, I took myself some time to play The Sims. In reality, I’ve been playing The Sims 4 quite a bit these past days, about an hour a day just to get Anna to the next level.

So basically, what has happened, is that Anna at first finished her tech carrer, not as a gamer but a developer, I think. don’t remember what the title was, but it wasn’t the gaming side. She then sped through the entire athletics career, as a professional athlete (I really don’t care for body building).

So now, I’ve finally started another Get-To-Work career. I debated a bit between investigator and doctor, but eventually decided for doctor since I personally care more for investigating, and therefore, decided to save all the fun for later.

She’s only on the second level for now, and I’m still trying to get a hand of things, but it’s pretty fun so far. It feels like I just recently learned to get around the science lab, and now I need to learn the hospital… It’ll be fine, I’m sure!

Now, bed. I’m dead tired.

// Sara

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