Evil By Nature

So, I’ll start off by telling you guys some good news. I’ll start working day at one of my evening jobs from next week, and that is BEYOND awesome, because seriously, the longer days, the better. This lifts quite the rock off my shoulders actually, it means Australia isn’t so half out of the reach as it feels.

Speaking of which, I’m currently trying to update my iPod with all the latest record release I’ve missed. And I’m realizing this is going to take FOREVER, so I think I’ll stop here. It’s about eight new albums I have yet to review, and I hope I have time to do it about next week or so. Might make this blog a bit more interesting too, right?

Anyway. I have stablework tomorrow, so I kinda need to call it the day now. Tea and The Hunger Games waits for me.

// Sara

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