On My Mind

Today has been an… interesting day you could say. Fairly short in a way. Woke up originally at 9, but fell asleep again at 11 and didn’t wake up until 13.20. I panicked a little bit, but then again, what to panic about? Antoine came home from work around 14 or so, and we went to pick up some food.

Afterwards, I had a quick session with work before we headed off to the mall in Liége where I first of all went to Primark to pick up on some things before Australia as well as Claire’s. Claire’s is like Glitter – the perfect store for small nice and cute accessories. I wasn’t sure what to get, IF to get anything at first, but eventually decided on four earrings.


So basically. One earring with a cuff with sea-theme. A pair of turtle ones, a pair of snowflakes (Frozen yay!) and then a few cuffs I thought I’d customize whenever I have time.

We got home, dumped the stuff and headed off to an italian restaurant for dinner and later on to a cocktailbar for a last drink before heading home.

Now we’re just lazily watching “Paradise Hotel” before going to bed.

Tomorrow’s Delain! Yay!

// Sara

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