Today has been a long day. Or well, in all honesty, not as long as some traveling days usually are, but long enough for me. Especially since I wasn’t really done packing, and shit like that, but this sure as hell was my day. Packing the last went smoothly (if this has anything to do with the reminder to myself to pack calmly, I don’t know). And when we came to the bus it was a little bit late, so everything just worked in my favor!

I went with Nettbuss this time around, which has a directline Karlstad – Arlanda. I love that. Finally I don’t have to change! I scored a single seat and seriously, Nettbuss is so comfortable. It was a pleasurable ride, even though we got a little late.


But you know, being a little late with the bus was no actual problem. On the contrary, it made everything fit perfectly. I got through the tax-free with a zillion tons of candy, went to the bookstore and picked up the two first books in The Hunger Games books and then I decided against going to MAX and went for one of the “finer” dining places. Got myself a shrimpsalad and a coke and it was soo good. If this doesn’t motivate me to finish my studyings, I don’t know what else could.


So tasty! Right after I finished dinner, it was time for boarding. I got to board amongst the first, and of course, I managed to score a whole row of seats for myself. Off with the shoes, on with the cozy socks and spread my shit all over the plane. A big bag of Gott och Blandat and the first seven chapters of The Hunger Games kept me company when I wasn’t too busy looking at the city and airfield lights.

Landed in Belgium AHEAD of time which made everything much easier, and Antoine came to pick up right when I walked out of the arrival area. We went to see a friend of his real quickly, and now we’re here.

Yes. This has totally been my day. Everything has worked in my favor. Or perhaps the odds… were ever in my favor.

And my new passport has officially been out of the country now. Belgium became the first stop!


// Sara

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