The worst part about traveling away, and having a bit of an interest in clothing, is the fact that it’s very, very, VERY so hard to decide what to bring, or well, what to wear.

I’ve spent the past week trying to figure out what kind of clothes to bring and for what occasion. Gladly, I have my clothes for Delain and Powerwolf fairly ready, it’s mainly clothes for the days where we DON’T have any events where it’s hard to decide what to wear. And on top of that, it’s already Sunday night. I sort of wished that I was done by now. And this one shirt I really wanna bring because it’s like my wingman of clothing, I of course cannot find. And now that I think about it, I forgot to throw in my Graspop tshirt in the washer. So I don’t have my bandshirt wingman either.

Thank God for Deadache and Red Square design Lordi shirts, huh?

But yes. Only a couple of days left now until Delain! I’m really excited, really. It’s going to be great. It’s also going to be great to get out of here for a little while, a change in environment, if you like.

// Sara

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