The only thing that really keeps my spirit and inspiration up at the very moment is the knowledge of those precious weeks in January and February. Starting with two fantastic, or well, hopefully, fantastic shows with SlipKnot, followed by festival and whatnot in Australia and rounded up with Toto home in Sweden.

Speaking of SlipKnot. I’ve thought a little bit about what songs they could possibly play at part two or whatever you wanna call it of “Prepare For Hell” tour, but I do hope with keep “Killpop”, and this time WITHOUT doing so on the expense of “The Negative One”. Honestly, I’m not sure what they were thinking replacing an intense song like “The Negative One” with a calm song like “Killpop”, or even worse, how they could replace what could possibly be the best song on “.5”, apart from “Nomadic” that is, with “AOV”, if that was the reason. “AOV” is ok, but it doesn’t by any lengths or measures become anything like “The Negative One”.

What would, on the other hand, be the cherry on top would be if one of the gigs we are going to features “Purity”. This year, “Purity” was played in Denmark, and Sweden had “Vermilion” and Finland “Dead Memories”. The question is, if they do the same round of setlist, what song would I want to sacrifice? “Vermilion” is my favorite, but “Dead Memories” is Michelle’s. Tough things, huh?

And then Lordi. I’m not sure if I have any certain wishes for Lordi. I think I have seen most of the songs I ever wished to hear live by now… and I mean, they brought back “Deadache” for Tour Force One, what more could I ever ask for? Nothing. But it’d be cool if they thought about bringing back “Hulking Dynamo” or perhaps “Icon of Dominance”. I’m pretty sure they played “Icon” before, but the song, sadly, only grew on me later.

Toto… Well, I can’t say I have any certain wishes for them. It will be a calm but bombastic night in Stockholm after some of our most hectic weeks. And then… Ireland.

But first; Delain and Powerwolf.

// Sara

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