Three weeks from now, I’ll be at the end of the start of the last batch of concerts. It’s the Wolfsnäschte tour, and I’ll be present in Antwerpen. I’m really looking forward to it, it’s a good bill. Civil War being the opener, which I can’t wait to see properly after the… cut short set… on Noch Ein Bier and then we have Orden Ogan. As I’ve mentioned once or twice before, “Ravenhead” is a solid album, and seeing them open for HammerFall was A LOT of fun.

And of course, the main act for the night, Powerwolf. It’ll be the third time I believe I see them. Sweden Rock, Noch Ein Bier and now at Wolfsnäschte. It’s going to be good to see an actual headlining show with the guys, rather than festivalsets, and especially visual wise, as that fell through on Noch Ein Bier.

I just noticed I’ve literally managed to make Noch Ein Bier sound like the worst experience ever, haha. It wasn’t that bad though, I promise.

Two days before that I’ll be in Vosselaar at Biebob again, but this time it’s another female fronted band, Delain. I’ve been waiting to see Delain for soooo long. Because of my knee injury, I missed out on them on Sweden Rock, and “The Human Contradiction”, or at least what I’ve heard of it, it sooo good. I can’t wait to hear “Here Comes The Vultures”. Seriously, I LOVE bands who can add drama in their songs, the way Delain and Epica, to mention two, does. Where something is happening, that sets a mood rather than just being good.

The Gentle Storm is the opener, and it’ll be fun to see them, despite me not knowing a lot of them. I’ll probably have to either check them out, or I’ll be forced to by Antoine.

So, after this start, it kind of takes off. Two weeks after this we have our Nightwish / Mötley Crüe weekend, and two weeks after that it’s HammerFall again. Mötley Crüe will be… mixed. I’m not sure anymore if I go more for Alice Cooper than Mötley, seeing he can actually deliver. But then again… The final tour, or at least we think it is (you never know). It’s a bittersweet feeling, but I’m glad I got to run with Mötley for a while.

So, what I am actually trying to say here is that things will get more interesting. And while I’m at it, I should get a book where we can rate hotels. Yes, I’m going to get this ASAP.

// Sara

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