For the first time in a very long time, here comes a The Sims update!

So basically, despite only playing for perhaps 12 hours in total, quite a bit has happened. First of all, I finished off her career as a criminal, in the Oracle “field” that is. I kept the job for a few days, until I moved on to Artist, paintings, that is. I finished that career as well, moving pretty fast here and I’ve just started her on her new career within the technician field.

However, something kind of caught my attention. My plan with Anna was to have her have ALL the careers – including both fields… but when looking at Criminal nowadays, I can only find the career for oracle. I need to do some investigation in this, because honestly, it’d suck if I couldn’t go back and do the other way with this particular sim. I really can’t be bothered to build up YET a new one just to have the other jobs… Sigh.

I guess we will see.

// Sara

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