Korpiklaani @ Klubben, Stockholm, 25/9 -15

Finally, finally, the day we had kind of been waiting for had finally, finally, arrived. We got up around 10 or so and started running around like crazy hyenas trying to pack the last few things before going downtown to catch the bus, and for once, we were actually quite ahead of time. That doesn’t happen very often.

Much to our dismay, we got a replacement bus. Every once in a while, Swebus replaces their amazing buses with replacement buses which does NOT provide you with the internet, poweroutlets and everything else Swebus promises you when they advertise. I understand that this happen sometimes, but it’s starting to happen a lot. And it screwed up a lot for us, since we had planned to do some work on the bus but that can’t be done without internet so…

Anyway. Despite this, we did at least make it to Stockholm and since we took a bus that departured a bit later than originally planned, we had to hurry a lot. We threw on our clothes, threw on our make up and went down to Subway to catch some quick dinner or lunch or whatever you wanna call it – proper food at least, and then over to Fryshuset.

I’ve been here a couple of times before, seeing HammerFall, Lordi and Cinderella to name a few, and despite that, I struggle EVERY SINGLE TIME to remember where to go when leaving the subway. Gladly, the volunteers of the police were very helpful.

We arrived right when Grimner was about to start. So, as someone who’s not very familiar to Grimner, I can’t write too detailed about them, but I really liked them. They are the perfect opener for Korpiklaani, that’s for sure.


And after they were done… we began waiting. For a very short time actually, Korpiklaani went on stage 15 minutes ahead of schedule. I like that, a band who actually GO ON STAGE once everything is set up and doesn’t diva around with staying off just because they can. And, to no surprise, they opened with “Viinameän Mies”.

They continued on very strongly with “Journey Man”, followed by “Pilli on pajusta Tethy”. They continued down the path of “Noita” by following it up with “Lempo” and perhaps one of our own personal favorites – “Sathi”.  I’m not sure if it’s like, their best song ever, but we sure as hell have SO MUCH FUN at that song. Traditional dances are the shit, seriously. I’m positive I could go to Scandinavian follk(metal) gigs solely for the reason to do traditional dances. And also. Some bands have a guitar solo, and some bands has an accordion solo.

I thought it would be safe to go get something to drink right after “Sathi”, because seriously, I was getting worn out, but of course, it was a perfect time for them to do “Ruumiinmulta”. Like, only one of my absolute favorites of them. Gladly, or perhaps sadly, depending on how you view it, it wasn’t a lot of people there and the venue is quite small, so it was easy to get back and forth from the bar.

“Petoeläimen kuola” was next song on the list, and then… then my friends.

“Sumussa Hämärän Aamun”

This is probably my absolute favorite of Korpiklaani. At first few listens, I wasn’t the songs biggest fan, I can admit. But as most things I dislike at first, it intrigued me and after a while… yes. What more could I even add to it. Okay, I need to get going, I’ll write more about my love for this song some other time, but to get back to the subject; atmospheric is a very good word to use to describe the feeling in the venue. Red, dim lights and Jonne letting his voice do the work… highlight. HIGHLIGHT.


Instrumental time spelled “Vaaringpolka” was followed by “Viima” and “Kultanainen”.

Slowing down the set a little bit again with “Minä Näin Vedessä Neidon”, followed by another “Noita” song – “Ämmänhauta”. I love this song. It kinda goes hand in hand with “Sumussa”, don’t you think?

I haven’t really spoken a lot of Korpiklaani’s performance just yet. But I might as well just tell you – they were so on it. They very jolly on stage and delivering a flawless performance. “Kylästä Keväinen Kehto” was next song on the list and after this it was time for that one song the majority of the Korpiklaani crowd are waiting for.


We had originally planned to get into the pit for this one, but after observing during the night the people that participated in the pits throughout the night, we decided against it. There was one guy who was particularly violent to the people in the pit, like, to the extreme that people actually LEFT  the pits halfway through because of his violence, so we stood on the outside causing our own little mayhem with traditional dancing again.


“Vodka” was followed by “Rauta” (seriously, this song!) and they wrapped up the set with “Happy Little Boozer”.

They left the stage, but really, they weren’t long before they were right back on stage starting off the extras with “Pelloonpekko” which invited to even more dancing. Seriously, can we have Korpiklaani every week?

Jonne joined the boys on stage and they wrapped up the entire set with “Joudaan Viina”. The band thanked for the night, blasted their cover of “We’re not living in America” and left the stage. After catching our breathes for a moment, we started to walk home.

Which was easier said than done. It has been quite some time since I was THIS worn out after a show – not even the five shows long Noch Ein Bier wore me out this much, that should count for something, right? I’m not joking nor exaggerating when I tell you this – when we were walking up a fair staircases, I had to grab onto the handle on the side in order not to fall down. My legs weren’t carrying me. Even when walking on a straight line, I had to hold onto a fence if there were any available. People must have thought we were drunk or something, but really, we were just tired.

We went back to the same subway and was greeted with the worst possible service, headed back to the hotel, ate and then passed out in bed.

Korpiklaani was absolutely amazing. I’m so thrilled and happy and glad and jolly and what not that we are going to see them again tomorrow. Fucking amazing. I can’t wait.

// Sara

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