Before I Forget

I need to get a better knowing of my own recordcollection.

Yesterday, killing some time before work, I decided to write a new list of CD’s I intend to get – you see, every now and then I get a giftcard for the CD store, and once I get it I always forget what CD’s to buy, so I decided to write a list of CD’s I want, in order to remember what to buy, and also in those rare cases when I run into something on DemonDoll Records or when I do my band hunting.

Anyway, when writing the list I noticed I only had one Dream Evil album to put on the last. I called bullshit right away, and hit up their discography on WikiPedia. Where I noticed “United” and I just went “Hah! I told you it was bullshit!” but after inspecting my list a bit further I notice that “United” was indeed written, but was scratched out. Which confused me. Until I remember that was the one Dream Evil album I had run into at  Sweden Rock. And then I remembered I had gotten “The Book of Heavy Metal” and “Evilizied” at Knastret. And here I find myself now only missing one Dream Evil album.

I only also miss one Alestorm album. But I think that’s where it ends. I miss two Kittie albums, but sadly, Kittie albums I have to get at a different CD store than the one I get giftcards from.

Speaking of my recordcollection, according to I’m only ten CD’s away from 300 albums. Which is a lie, I have a few albums I have not yet registered on, so make that eight CD’s. Eight, small, albums from reaching 300. I’m obviously not going to reach 400 this year as planned, But 300 should be a piece of cake.

Now the question is; I have two incoming giftcards. Should I play it smart and buy two – three CD’s for every giftcard, or buy each of the Civil War albums, considering I’ll be seeing them soon?

Decisions, Decisions….

Bild 2015-09-12 kl. 18.06

// Sara

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