King of Kings

Today has been a Leave’s Eyes kind of day, spent with the new album set to be released tomorrow. I’ll tell you all about when time is right, but not right now.

Like I said yesterday, I started my new job today. It was better than expected – a little tricky at first, but it floated on. It’s a physical job, because for some reason I always get myself the physical jobs, and of course it was a super hot day and of course I forgot to bring anything fluid. Gladly, I found a small store so it was easily fixed.

Aside that… Korpiklaani is creeping nearer with big, big steps. It’s been such a dry month with only Annika Herlitz being worth mentioned as far as concert goes (yes, technically Skogsröjet was in August too, but it doesn’t feel like it). And then right after a weekend with Finnish folkmetal, it’s time for W.A.S.P and the perfection that is Dynazty. Then it’s a bit of a wait again for a filled up November with everything from Nightwish to Mötley Crüe to HammerFall.

Autumn and winter is looking very promising for gigs, and I can’t wait to get on the wagon again.

// Sara

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