30 Minutes

While at Graspop, I determined that Dionysus might be one of the best, if not the best, band Sweden has ever produced, despite them not getting too far. And this morning, dreadful morning after Graspop where I found myself going to work only mere 30 minutes after coming home from Oslo/Brussels, Dionysus was the perfect company.

And I can’t help but to keep on going with my so far favorite release, “Anima Mundi“.

So, where do I even begin with this album? At the titletrack? The titletrack is without a doubt my personal favorite on the entire album, but you can’t forget epic songs such as “March to Freedom”, the intense opening “Divine”, although I think this one comes off as a computergames song, which, is a good thing for me, haha. “Eyes of the World”, “Paradise Land”… and last, but not the least… “Forever More”.

You’d almost think the last one isn’t a part of the album, it’s very “Here I go Again”-ish, but I guess that’s it you know. The greatness, the big sound and epic chorus that just makes it beyond perfect. It doesn’t beat “Anima Mundi”, still, as that one is what I’d call an anthem, and you can’t beat anthems but damn.

Dionysus sure helped me pull through this morning.

// Sara

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