Let Me In

So, the final day came. And not the final day for the festival, or well, that too,  but it was also the day where I set to leave. I had taken a fairly late flight, so I didn’t have to rush first thing in the morning gladly.

Slowly packed everything while eating, and I’m still not sure how my mother managed to fit it all in my bag, but eventually I got there. Robert and Mie came by to say good bye, and then I left for the bus.

A bus that was set to leave every 20th minute, but I’m absolutely positive we waited a lot longer than that. Forced me to miss my first train, lucky for Gpop I managed to make the second one which technically was faster, but with more changes.

And the changes… Let’s just say that Belgiums trains aren’t exactly made for the handicapped. It was sure some time since I saw trains that weren’t adjustable like that, so good for SNCB that I’m used to throwing my festivalbag around or else I’d be stuck somewhere between Mol and Antwerpen.

Once at the airport the rush started, I had to put in the wheels with the matress and didn’t get it to fit, but no problem is hard enough so with a few extra bands and a LOT of duct tape, I got it together about one minute before the plane departed.


And once in Oslo, I wasn’t sure if I was ever gonna get my bag, gladly I did and headed over to Narvesen for a bottle of milk (don’t ask about my cravings) and a bag of mini-carrots and got on the bus home.

It’s been a pleasant festival, the bands was KILLER and I don’t regret going for SlipKnot. You guys rule my world. Oh that sounded SO prissy, but oh well.

Thanks, Butcher Babies, SlipKnot, Alice Cooper, Korpiklaani and all you other bands. Thanks.

// Sara

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