Bringer of War

So basically, let me tell you a little story. In the beginning of May, I ordered a Toto album, “IV” for those of you who cares. Alongside it, I bought Firewinds “Days of Defiance”, because it was in the same discount program as Toto, and because it was recommended. And as you know, I’m not too picky – I’m very willing to buy albums with bands I’m not too familiar with.

So, said and done, I ordered it. And then I noticed something. It was a “Item to order”. 15-30 days delivery.

Here’s the deal with CDON – look, I love CDON, but there are some things that are just sadly true. And one of them, is this: If an item is “Item to Order” it will be very late, or never show up at all. If it has 15-30 days delivery, you might as well just sit around and wait for the email who says they can’t deliver it. Especially since this is a limited edition of said album.

So understand my surprise, when I’m walking around in Hot Shot records at Sweden Rock, and get this mysterious text that says “Your order on CDON has been posted”. What? What order? Have I placed an order on CDON? No?

Checked my email, and exactly WHAT CDON  had actually mailed me.

And would you know.

They had actually managed to dig up this little bad boy. They had managed with the one thing I never thought they’d be able to. They had managed to dig up the album I never thought they’d deliver.

Holy hell CDON, good on you. GOOD ON YOU.


// Sara

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