Sweden Rock Festival 2015: Sunday

Well, well well… so the day has come. The day when you leave the little piece of heaven that is Sweden Rock. The alarm was set to 4am – I wanted to get home early, before EVERYONE is going home to avoid traffic jam. But mostly, I needed to go twice with my tent and packings, so  I figured THAT if anything could be good to have done before traffic starts.

And what can I say about it. First run took quite long, mostly because I let it in order not to over-work myself with my wounded knee. Second run… began good. Bittersweet of course, to leave Sweden Rock behind and all, but what do you do.

But it appears my bag thought the same, or perhaps it was out of pity, but just when we passed the remains of what just yesterday had been Festival stage, the crooked wheel decided to take it’s final breath and it fell off. Tried to put it back on, only to have it fall off again. So I taped him with all the duct-tape I had and started pulling him on one wheel. Did some pit stops to cover up with more duct-tape before we finally made it to the car. Oh my baby. I’ll get you a wheelchair, I promise.


The road home was long. Had to look for ages for a Statoil gas station, and then it was home. Good thing I had plenty of new albums to entertain myself with, huh? Long drive, but finally home in the evening. Just in time to crash in bed. Ahh.

Thank you, Sweden Rock for this year, and thank you all you wonderful people I got to share it with. I love you.

// Sara


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