Sweden Rock Festival 2015: Wednesday

So, most of you people already know by now I only had a three day ticket, but I went down already on Wednesday because it’s nice to be there a day ahead you know? Last year I went down already on Tuesday despite only having a three day ticket, cause really, you CAN entertain yourself an entire day at Sweden Rock regardless.


I got on road quite a bit later than I had expected to be on the road, but no larger harm done. When all was said and done, I reached the festival site at 11pm, and I struggled so hard in finding where the heck parkinglot 2 was. Seriously, never again. Parking 1 for life. After getting parked, it was time to do the first round of walking up to the campsite with my stuff… and that’s when it happened.

My campingchair fell off the bag, between my feet and tripped me. Some nice guys helped me collect my stuff and kept on walking. I had a few scratches, but nothing bad. But once I went up and met up with Linn and My, my camping mates, I noticed I had a big bloodstain on my leg.

And when I a few hours later took of my pants, I realized it was QUITE the big scratch.

What a start.

Welcome to Sweden Rock, Sara.


// Sara

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