Undo these chains

Spent the evening with Jennie, actually, in order to get a break from all the stress that is preparing for Sweden Rock and Graspop and Noch Ein Bier and what not. Gladly, I managed to find good flights after all.

So what did we do then? Well, we ate strawberries, or earth gubbs as Jennie calls them, talked a lot about everything and nothing, and had a marshmallows barbecue over normal candles as usual… and played The Sims 4. A Lot of it. And for the first time I’ve actually noticed how Origin tells you when your friend is playing the game as well. Pretty cool if you ask me!

I’ve kind hit a wall with Anna. On the one hand, I’m more than ready to just change her career. And I want her plants to die, because I’m tired of them, but I also need the money. And this is the reason you should never permanently go out of a The Sims game for a longer period of time, because you completely forget all the goals and things you had in mind.

And I need to get the Luxury stuff pack. Like, ASAP.

// Sara

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