Still in Love with You

The Eurovision fever is going high here at home, playing old and new entries over and over again while continuing with my re-decoration of my room.

It’s kind of liberating in a way. To once and for all actually do some changes. I’m usually very reluctant with changes, and I get sentimental easily and don’t want to move stuff. Despite knowing it will all be better and make me happier once it’s gone. The biggest project of the day has been my CD shelf. Mr Blue, my current CD shelf is running out of space (only three slots left) so I’m in quite the hurry to make some space for the new arrivals. I’m not 100% sure the pile waiting to be sorted will fit. So much albums, so little space huh?

First of all – I have a about nine CD’s piled between two shelves – the bookshelf and the computer desk, and it wasn’t very handy seeing I couldn’t really take out CD’s too easily. I had put levels out of cardboard between them, but it was still not very useful. So what I did, was to build an actual shelf. The shelf is about seven stories high and fits a total of 21 CD’s, and it’s currently only nine.

It was made out of wood and cardboard, stitched together and is supported by the shelves.



On top of this, I also re-organised the top shelf of the computer desk. Turning the already existing record-containers, moving them a bit and turning my flute which allowed me to add two more record containers. I also added some fake chips and candle lights for decorations.


Basically what you see here, with the Ace Frehley head you see the KISS collection. Very small, but it’s there. My flute, empty record container, the combined Wig Wam and The Poodles holder, and next to it is the Dschinghis Khan collection. Another “empty” container and then the Lordi shelf with half of it’s content being computergames. The Poodles and Lordi used to share, but eventually Lordi started to outgrow The Poodles, and seeing that Wig Wam doesn’t exist anymore as a band, they got grouped together.

Talking about Ace Frehley… one more week only ’til Sweden Rock!

// Sara

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