A Million Voices

Ok so, I actually spent most of the day watching Eurovision again, this time together with the Australians who had a re-run showing at a more apropriate time. This was one train wreck after the other – no matter how much I paused, I’d still end up ahead of them, up until the percussion part where I ended up half an hour after them.

However, it was AMAZING as hell, despite knowing all results and all, to watch with some dedicated people who loves it as much as me (at least I assume so!) And since I’ve calmed down since yesterday…

First of all. I’m so fucking happy Sweden won. I was so scared Russia or Italy would win, because I HATE being in second or third place. Go Månsy! I’m so fucking proud.

But something I thought about. When Russia were seemingly the winner, did anyone noticed what happened in the background? How the entire, ENTIRE, crowd was cheering “Sweden! Sweden! Sweden!”. Never before, EVER, have I heard an entire crowd chant for the same country. But I guess, that in the end, the freedom to love whoever you want is more important than your favorite to win.

The lady from Hungary didn’t even get to start give some points before the cheering for Sweden began. This is wonderful, Curt can verify, my breath was taken away from the support. And I couldn’t even speak when we realized Sweden had again won Eurovision. God, I can’t even…

However, even though I know it’s nothing personal against Russia, I’m still a bit sad to see people booing whenever they get a 12. It’s not the singers fault Russia has the law they have, and they shan’t be punished for it. Kudos to the hostess that gave a “warning” to the crowd.

And it especially sucks, when, after all is said and done, Russia had the best song of this years contest.

// Sara

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