Been a calm day. Spent most of re-arranging things in my room, such as getting rid of a scanner that’s been underneath my computer desk for about 12 years or so. I’m not even sure it works, which is why I put it away. By taking it away I could instead store some of my magazine there, which allowed room to store even more magazine and folder underneath the computer desk, WHICH, created one whole shelf that’s completely empty, and a place to put away some Disney movies, making another shelf empty.


Wow, quite productive. And it’s interesting to see, how small changes can become so big. I’m not even sure anymore what to do with all this space. I guess it will all be filled up once I properly start cleaning this room. But on a side note, I have at least found out where the heck I can store CD’s once the Blue Shelf becomes full, and that’s always a start, right? Because it will be. Very.. Very… Soon.

You know what else is very soon?

Sweden Rock.

Hell yeah baby.

// Sara

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