I Don’t Love You Too

So, for the first time since the tour I actually took myself the time to “unpack” all the merchandise I bought during the last tour. Obviously, they were unpacked from the suitcase, but I had put them in another bag, mostly because I didn’t know what to do with it all. And oh my god.


So what is it even we see here. Two “magazines” -> Studiodiary for To Beast, and illustrated lyrics for Scare Force One. Pristmatic tour programme. A Lordi poster where I accidently excluded OX… Katy Perry pins, glasses, Tshirt…. And shirts with The Lounge Kittens, two Hollywood Groupies tees, two Lordi (House of Ghost + Tour shirt) one Dirty Passion and Amaranthe tourshirt.

And after I took this shot, I realized I left out all the CD’s I got – Hollywood Groupies’, Dirty Passion’s, Kittens’, Engel’s…. It’s fun… No it’s not. It’s not fun at all to think about how much money you spend on these kind of things, and despite you being aware of this… you still do it!

Oh, what don’t we do for our bands…

// Sara

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