Why Can’t This Be Love?

So basically, I stumbled across a video of Erik Grönwall performing this song from Swedish Idol, which goes many many years back actually.

And, naturally, this reminded me of the original version of the song. Which so happens to be one of my absolute favorites, like, ever.

I guess most of you knows, but for those of you who do – “Why Can’t This Be Love” is originally made by Van Halen, released on their “5150” album back in 1986. Really, a LOT of good albums were released in ’86 and ’88… anyway.

My first memory with this song dates back to 2010, and Stockholm Rock Out. I remember it all so clearly – it was before Pretty Boy Floyd was about to go on stage that it was played on the speakers. And it was instant love for me. What I like most is the chorus. How do I even put this into words? The melodyline is just so sweet that you just…can’t not like it. A lot of you may not like it, but I can’t stop. Can’t stop listening to this song. And the moment when it was played… it was the perfect moment. Inside a venue with people exactly like you, singing to the very same song… I didn’t know the lyrics at that point of course but you know…

This has become one of my absolute favorite songs. I can’t even begin to describe to you guys.

// Sara

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