I- Best Bassist of a band in your opinion

Bassplayers… There is nothing I am as lost about as when it comes to bassplayers. Not becasue I don’t like them, but because the whole world is so unfamiliar to me. But there is one bassplayer, one that has always been close to my heart, and he has been ever since I first became a fan of this band. Do I even need to introduce him?

Klubben, Stockholm, Sweden March 2009, Deadache tour. Photo by me.

No copyright stamp, because I fucking trust you guys. Alright, so, this man doesn’t need an introduction – you all should be more than familiar with him by now.

Like I said, being someone who’s fairly unfamiliar with anything bass, I cannot judge his skills. But seriously – raise your hands – how many of you can honestly say you don’t fucking get into when you hear “Bite it Like a Bulldog”? “Where’s the Dragon?” ? The list can be made long.

But of course, being my favorite goes beyond that. It isn’t only what he do on stage, but also what he has done for us, to us, with us, off-stage.

Like, in 2006, when I was so scared to walk to them I almost walked right into, hadn’t Kita stopped me. And how I slowly raised my eyes and eventually met his intense, green eyes looking down on me. Seriously, hadn’t Kita been there to hold me I would have passed out, out of fear.

Or fast forwarding to Italy 2013, when I was going to hug him and I couldn’t reach because he was too tall, and he started laughing at me and teased me for being short (I’m totally sure you are not as freaking tall without your boots, you sonofaaaaa).

Again, the list can be made long. But it goes to a whole new, personal level, as to why he’s my favorite, and why he’s one of my heroes.

Always and forever.

// Sara


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