Hollow Soul

Today has been ALL about traveling. I left Karlstad around 7 in the morning on the train onwards to Stockholm, where I did a stop for a few hours. And the first thing I did was to hit H&M to check out their new Coachella collection.

Which was a terrible, terrible mistake.

99% of the collection is pure perfection. But because of money restricions, I only left with a dress, a skirt and the lace pants. So fucking amazing, but one day I’ll have it all!

Time was running away from me, so I hit Creole for some last minute costume fix, subway for lunch and got on the airport shuttle bus and then checked in the flight, and flied, what else? It was quite turbulent while flying, almost like riding a rollercoaster! Haha.

Landed safely a head of time, collected my luggage and went out in the hall… Only to find Paula standing there waiting with a pimp sign for me! Made me blush a little. I love the little tramp.

We picked up some water and headed for the long trainride for Southampton. We got to check out exotic animals and catching up on a LOT of things.

Eventually, we arrived and all of a sudden Paula’s phone rings, and it turns out Michelle has also arrived on the other side of the station! We gathered up together and went to look for the hostal.

Ok, so, we reached the street and started to look for our motel. And you wanna know something about the Polygon street or whatever? ITS NOTHING BUT HOSTELS. Whereever we look, it was another guest house or hostel. Fucking amazing, took us quite some time to find our!

We dumped our shit and headed to Subway for a dinner deluxe and then returning home to let our insanity roam loose.

Tomorrow it was time for Lordi. Finally.

// Sara

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