Rivals Forever

Ok. You guys know what I suck at?

Getting shit done in time. So, I had planned I was gonna be all set and done yesterday, in order to chill out on Friday. Did this happen? NO. Of course not, I found myself running around like a maniac packing everything, or, basically nothing since I’m going with this tiny luggage, Gladly, I’m not bringing a lot. Which helps out.

But only a bit really. It feels like you are bound to forget something if you bring little. I mean, if you have this big suitcase that you randomly throw shit in, you WILL manage to bring everything, despite feeling like you don’t. When you have a tiny compromised bag like I do this time, shit will be forgot.

But for once, I think I actually got it done. I guess we will see when I hit the UK.

The question is, will I pack in time for Belgium?

Doubt it.

// Sara

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