For the First Time in Forever

So, in the middle of all the preparations for Germany and in all the awesomeness that is Amaranthe, to write a little about something that happened preciesly a year ago, on the day. Saturday and Sunday, 1-2nd February, Jennie and I had the opportunity to “work” at the local cinema as Anna and Elsa.


It is still to this day one of the best things we have ever done. Being out there in the hall, greeting all the lovely kids and giving them the experience of a life time, to actually MEET Elsa and Anna right outside after the movie, I can’t even explain to you the feeling. Creating the magic, I think they call it on Disney World. I guess that’s sort of what we did too. Seriously though, like I said. Best thing we’ve ever done, and it should be highlighted and celebrated. I want to get back and do it again and again!


// Sara

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