Into The Darkness

So, I did go to the dentist today, sadly, not a lot was accomplished more than that I’ll have a tooth removed this Friday, which scares the hell out me, AND bums me a bit since we planned to go to Boda Borg on Saturday, which is a no can do because of that, BUT. No darkness without a little light. After being at the dentist and being scared and worked up my dad and I went down to Knastret, the best record store in the world, and I came out with two new albums to my little collection.



Both albums bought was by the Canadian group Kittie. I haven’t been able to STOP listening to “Spit” ever since I got it, so it was “time” (even though it was just a week ago) to extend the collection with two more CD’s. These are their second and third album respectively. I’ve just listened through them a couple of times briefly, but I REALLY like it! It’s a tad more aggressive yet polished than “Spit”, but damn I like it. These are some bad ass ladies, that’s for sure.

I kinda feel that I’m changing directions in musical interests, or perhaps I’m just extending it. I’m not sure which it is – but I never thought I’d listen to bands like Kittie, Butcher Babies or SlipKnot a year ago. I’m not sure if this is good or bad. Good for my heart and mind and soul, but bad for my wallet, haha! Good thing I work pretty much all the time.

// Sara

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