Just put your hand on my heart

I just wanna talk about someone. Someone special. Someone very special.

Olly Murs.

I laid in bed a little earlier, because I’m sick, and I was rambling for myself all the pop-artists I listen to when I looked to my left and saw the signed Olly Murs booklet standing on my Frozen/Eurovision shelf. And seriously… this man.

This man has changed my life for the better alright. I still remember the very first time I heard him – his song “Dance With Me Tonight” was in one of the Re-Micks episodes, and then, because sometimes I’m stupid, I spent almost six months trying to track down the song and the artist. My TrackID on the phone wouldn’t get the song, so after, yeah, six months or so, I typed “Re-Micks dance with me tonight” into Youtube and instantly found Olly. Right after I found him I got his album, and nowadays I hold all his albums but one (his very first, I’m still trying to track it down) and I can tell…

This is one of those artist whom I can just sit and listen to for hours, and hours, and hours. This is the kind of artist that I’ll never leave out on my LittleBuddy ipod.  Olly Murs is the artist I turn to when I’m sad, he’s also the artist I turn to when I’m happy. He has songs for every single mood, everything from amazing party tracks or happy tracks to sad ones.

My favorite song of his is “Hand on Heart”, from the “Right Place, Right Time” album. I can’t even begin to describe to you what this song means to me – but the bridge, the:

“When you don’t feel that you’re strong enough to make it,
When life treats you hard and don’t think you can take it,
When you don’t know where you stand you’re close to breaking,
Just put your hand on my heart,
Put your hand on my heart”

These words, despite me not even being able to put my hand on Olly’s heart (yet) these words has helped me through so much. I don’t really like becoming all vulnerable and bleedy here in my blog, but I kinda have to about this one. Olly should have the biggest of thanks from the bottom of my heart and soul and everything I’m worth for his existence.

May 22nd will be fantastic. When I’ll finally see him again, and dance the evening away to him and his amazing music. I can’t wait.


// Sara

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