Magnolia BLVD

Happy New Year folks! Hope you had a good night. I did.

Despite circumstances we managed to pull together a small get-together at Jennie’s. We started off the whole thing by eating this real nice chocolate cake I had brought with me and they continued their game of beer-game. As the clock passed by I headed downtown to work and celebrate the new year’s at the ever so fancy Jaguar, was real nice to be there with you people! Right after work I headed back to Jennie’s and danced the night away to everything from Asta Kask to Ebba Grön to Billy Idol. Toasting in fake champagne and Truth/Dare and Trivial Pursuit rounded up the evening.



Didn’t get home until 9 o clock this morning, so it’s not that weird I got up at 4. Been doing some school work, but most importantly, I’ve finally gotten up the lights around my mirror. No more bad mirror images anymore, and no more trying on clothes in the dark. I’m happy about this.

See you all tomorrow!

// Sara

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