Alright folks, here we go with a long long resumé of the year that has passed as I always do.

First of all, my year in WordPress. I forgot to check how many posts I have made in total, but I’ve had a total of 4400 viewers this year. I think that’s a bump up from last year, so that’s good. Uploaded 458 pictures. My most busy day was on November 16th with 80 views when I posted an entry about Phineas & Ferb episode “Doof 101”. Most interactors are Maddy, Emily, my fave-voice actor Linus Ingelsbo (I STILL CAN’T COMPREHEND HOW THAT HAPPENED) Paula and Curt.

Alright, so what has my year been like?


January was a pretty slow month. It mostly consisted of half-hearted attempts to fix school, but it also meatn FROZEN FEVER! Frozen was released in Sweden on January 31st, so most of January was just waiting and waiting for Frozen and then attending the premiere together with friends and cosplaying the characters.



February my friends… In February we did something REALLY exciting – we worked at SF, our local cinema, first as Elsa and Anna and a little later on as Tinkerbell and Zarina! That is really one of the most fun things I have EVER done, I’m telling you.


I also went to our neighbouring country NORWAY in order to catch my loves Steel Panther on their Spread the Disease tour. Well-needed break in all of the stress that was school and applying for jobs.



Okay, so Tinkerbell was both in February and March apparently oh well! Besides that, not a lot happened in March. Mostly school, Frozen fever and job, job, job… Me, Michelle and Paula went to Boda Borg though, that was fun!


April was the month of albumreleases! Tearing Down The Walls with H.E.A.T and All You Can Eat with Steel Panther, so despite being a slow month, it was dominated by albums. AND.

The departure of Yxan from Fatal Smile, or more, the end of Fatal Smile. Still to this day, I can’t grasp it, I can’t fucking grasp it. Fatal Smile was one of the bands we looked forward to seeing on Skogsröjet and then he just fucking quits it?! Jesus. Drama queen of the year, Yxan!


STOCKHOLM ROCK OUT PEOPLE! Reckless Love, TNT and H.E.A.T. That’s what a call a GOOD fucking night! Best night in quite some time, the best bands you could ask for in one gig.



Sweden Rock Festival baby! Ahh, that place is like my second home. Good bands, great festival, good weather, good company – all you need. Alice Cooper in particular were absolutely ace. My brother got married this month, and we also set off to Savonlinna for the Lordi exhibition.

Sweden Rock 2014 054DSC_1301DSC_1390


Lordi exhibition! We spent a couple of days at the exhibition, checking everything out and also checking out the wonderful town of Savonlinna.

´Savonn 017edited6edited3


Skogsröjet! This is my favorite festival in all of the world, speaking right now. It’s small, it’s cozy, it got great bands. I can’t complain about this festival at all. Good company from Michelle, Ludvig and Albin made it even better. Steel Panther and Alestorm aced the show! The most fun must have been when we were going to get home and trying to pack in four people and all the luggage in that little car of mine…

alestorm2steelpanther1Röjet2014 156Röjet2014 160

Sabaton! Seriously, this is so weird. Last time I saw Sabaton here in town, the crowd was like, half that big and barely any pressure. I was literally almost getting KILLED this time. Jesus christ, they have grown since I saw them opening for Lordi back in 2006… And oh, the delight when I found out Amaranthe would be opening in our town can’t be explained. AMARANTHE. I LOVE THEM OKAY.

amaranthe4sabaton 016sabaton4

We also had a little birthday picnic for me. That was nice.


HAMMERFALL! We also caught HammerFall at Liseberg at their releasegig for (r)Evolution! Mighty nice. Haven’t seen them in forever…


Perhaps the most important thing that happened though, is that I started at Ingesund College of Music.


September started out bad. My favorite horse at my ridingschool was put to sleep after a while of being ill.


Next: LADY GAGA! Saw Lady Gaga live for her artRAVE tour, and it was lovely seeing her again. Ahh.


Aside that, it was a music month. It was single releases from SlipKnot, Amaranthe and Lordi as well as new costume revelations for Lordi and SlipKnot. The month was essentially devoted discussing back and forth about music. Isn’t music all?


October brought shocking news for us all: Anders is leaving HammerFall. While it kinda came out of the blue, for us the fans, it’s understandable. I still wish him all of luck! Aside that, another music month. Release of “Scare Force One”, release of “MASSIVE ADDICTIVE”, release of “The Grey Chapter” and Knotfest and bands to Sweden Rock… All good things.


LORDI RELEASE GIG PEOPLE! Heading over to the best country in the world in order to catch our dear monsters with all the best monstermaniacs in the whole world.  The gig was short, but epic nonetheless! The fact I got to hear “He’s Back” live means everything to me.


LORDI 293DSC_1747DSC_1753Korpikklani1Lordi2DSC_1762

Olly Murs’ new “Never Been Better” was released in November, as well as a gig with him got confirmed, so all in all, it was good! We also started doing some voice overs in the studio. Problems with Scare Force One fan box. Annika Herlitz and Elize Ryd to Melodifestivalen. Yeah. Good month.


We started our SlipKnot project – soon finalized! And my baby hamster came into my life. Else, it’s been a pretty slow month. But that’s how it goes and here we are today!


So, let’s look at last years predictions:

* See Olly Murs again
* See Lordi again
* Go to EHM
* Travel somewhere new
* Audition

Well. This didn’t go too well, did it? The only thing I did was seeing Lordi again, haha. But you know, some of it was really out of my control.

So what for next year then… I always thought these were so fun to make but now I’m just like what should I write…

* Double my CD collection. I currently hold about 250 cds, more or less, and I wish to reach 500 before the end of 2015.
* Travel somewhere new. I have plans, and I hope they hold.
* Accomplish something. Just anything.
* See Bon Jovi live again
* See Korpiklaani live again
* Audition

I’m putting audition back on the list, despite it being “secret”. Well yes. This is what I hope to happen next year, and I guess we’ll see how it goes.

Thanks to the following persons for this year:

Michelle R, Jennie F, Jonny K, Paula L, Antoine G,  Anna S, Linn F, My F, Oliver S-M, Tyr, Jaana, Kaarle, Mara W, Madlen R, Sophie E, Argo P, Emily H, Didyana B, Hanna G, Anthalerero M, Dennis N, Hansi H, Nikos S, Emelie V, Thomas C, Joakim A, Erik H, Sara K, Sergio P, Curt U, Sara S, Anna M, Daniel H, Sofia A, Aneta D, Paula S, Philip V, Ida V, Caroline U, George B, Ludvig A, Gunilla K, Lars U, Andreas K, Jasmin B, Anna T, Maria B, Nathalie G, Max S, Alexandra A, Johanna N, Sara A, Erica K, Faedra P, Martina A, Ewelina W, Kim C, Courtney K, Oona E, Alexander P, Linus H, Crystal L, Arpad B, Sandra H, Anna S, Nikola M, Nettan K, Albin F, Mary N, David H, Robert F, Cecilie H, Janie H, Tinna A, Rene P, Josefine L, Peter O, Mattias N, Felicia H, Martine F, Lina L, Faey, Gustaf K, Terese S, Marcus B, Emil L, Ellinor J, Mary B, Kramer W, Kjersti A-B, Isabell F, Elisabeth A, Jenny R, Renata K, Rebecka Y, Linnea Ö, David R, Jenny W, Fredrik E, Emma J, Malin B, Tuija L, Nina K, Johanna S, Marika A, Marina, Sophie F, Laura T, Matilda I, Marjolein V-D, Hanna H, Oskar V, Felicia M, Jens S, Amanda K, Alexandre W, Oliver L, Gereon, Elin K, Shalisa T, Fredrik B, Stevan B, Jennifer S, Oskar L, Oscar L, Josefine P, Tilda S, Josefine T, Rebecka I.

Steel Panther, Lordi, Sabaton, SlipKnot, Knastret, Cherry, Ingesund, HammerFall, Slaughter, Blas Elias, Vixen, Kittie, Lady Gaga, Olly Murs, The Sims 4, The Sims, Disney.

Thank you all for this year and see you next year!!

// Sara

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