Don’t Wanna Let You Go

Today has been a pretty calm day. I went down to my ‘workplace’ to settle some stuff that had happened during the weekend, and while I did so I treated myself with a little treat to what may be a little piece of heaven on earth: Knastret.

It’s a local recordstore that sells CD’s and vinyls second-handly. I had brought the list of CD’s I planned to get, but you know… letting myself loose in a record store like that… Not good. I only came out with three CD’s though, because I had limited myself money-wise, and only ONE of these CD’s were on my to-get list. Typical me, always end up buying THE OTHER albums…

So what did I get then? First of all, the CD that was actually on my list:


Dream Evil‘s “Evilizied“. The full discography of Dream Evil is on my list (aside Dragonslayer, which I already have). It was so fun – I was going through the D section looking for Dionysus, when I saw a Dream Evil album, which was Dragonslayer and I was like “damn, wrong album” BUT THEN – THE VERY LAST ALBUM IN THE CONTAINER WAS THIS ONE. And I’m like “YES! It’s on the list!” One more to scratch off. This is the CD that has “Children of The Night” on it, in case anyone cares. Released in 2003.


Quiet Riot‘s “Metal Health”. This is an album that I HAVE planned to get for a long time, but I have never put it on my list. And today, when planning to treat myself a CD, I decided to go for it, once and for all. I guess I don’t really NEED to tell people this is the album containing “Cum on Feel the Noize” but I’ll mention it just in case. This album was originally released in 1983.


Last but not least – Kittie‘s “Spit“. This is the all-female Canadian bands debut album and I was SO STOKED to find this there! Didn’t really see it coming, SOMEONE who dropped their CD’s there must have a rad musictaste. This is the album that contains “Brackish” and “Charlotte”, for those whom it may concern. Released in 1999.

By obtaining these gems, I’ve also managed to finally fill up the shelf. So tomorrow I’ll take myself the time to re-organize all my CD’s in Mr Blue and let the 32 records waiting to be sorted to be so. Ahh. Seriously, I’m gonna be a crazy CD lady one day.

// Sara


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