Today has been one of those days completely devoted to dig up old music things by favorite musicians, and I’ll just continue down the road with Joey Jordison. Murderdolls are already in, and I’ve had a taste of The Rejects, so I figure it was about time to check out the band with the funny name – Modifidious. Mod-i-Fi-Dious.

Since this is way out of my comfort-zone, I’m just going to believe the page I found which held a review of one of the EP’s stating they are trash/speed metal. Apparently Joey created the band due to lack of local bands to play alongside bigger bands when he booked them to play in Des Moines/Iowa. They were created in 1991, and split up already in 1995 due to disagreements with bass-player Ryan. Other memebers in this band was Josh Brainard on vocals and guitar, who would later be one of the first guitarists of SlipKnot as well as Craig Jones on guitar, someone we nowadays know as #5, or, 133.

There’s not a whole lot more to say about this band than this, so I’m just going to link to you some of their material, and the rest is up to you. I like it, that’s for sure.

// Sara

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