My Year in Music according to Spotify: Part 1

Alrighty! The new year is coming closer and closer and I thought that now with the days inbetween I’ll do some long dragged out year-resumé. I will start this thing with Spotify’s little feature “My Music Year” or whatever it is called. I had it done a little while ago, but I have waited all up ’til now to post the results!

However, I will split it up in two, and here’s part 1.


First of all, this image show how much music I’ve been listening to on Spotify. I think already by watching this you guys understands how little I use it, and thus why the list doesn’t show proper representation of my music.

But yeas – absolutely nothing on my phone, no surprise, I never listen to music on my phone and I never will do. 8726 minutes translates to about 6 days in total. Six days of music. It’s a little more than I thought, But I’m also not surprised when looking at the other results.


My most played genres throughout the year. It’s very close, percentage-wise to each other. The only surprise to me, personally, is the graph of melodic death metal, but I’ve started to accept the fact that I might have been wrong about the whole genre the whole time, and perhaps it’s not what I thought it was. But aside that, no surprises.


This is my most played artists/bands per season. Winter season features Norwegian singer Lene Alexandra, no surprise at all. Her songs may be stupid, but I effin love them. Can’t listen to brainy music all the time.

Springtime and Summertime has been dominated like hell by Amaranthe. I discovered the band during spring this year, and in an attempt to learn all the songs prior to the concert since I had no way to get the CD’s in time. And this is one of the reasons why I’m not overly surprised by those “6 whole days” since I probably spent AT LEAST a day or two going through Amaranthe’s two CD’s (at the time).

Autumn was dominated by The Haunted by the same reason as Amaranthe. I was about to see them on Nöjesfabriken and wanted to be a little familiar as to what I would be seeing. And when you think about it – going through all these cd’s, ca 50min/a CD (cirka), well, then it easily adds up to a day…

So yes! This was the first part of my year in music. Tomorrow we’ll go over the rest.

// Sara



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