All Alone

Merry Christmas everybody!

I hope you had a great christmas, I sure as hell did! Spent the first few hours with the little one, who has gone completely nuts by now and later with la familia. Dinner, Donald Duck with surprise Elsa and later on the gifts. I guess everyone is a little curios as to what I got?

Here it goes!


On this picture you are witnessing… One Palestine scarf from my brother and his wife. It’s made and bought in Palestine, since she’s working there, and it’s pretty cool having something that authentic you know. Snowflakes from Panduro which I plan on making necklaces and everything off, bracelets, Spider earrings and spiderring, all from my mum. The Frozen towel is from Paula < 3.


MUSIC! Stala & SO. – Play Another Round and Butcher Babies – Goliath from my little brother, and Murderdolls – Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls and Glory to the Brave – HammerFall from my brother. I apparently had a bit more CD’s coming in, as soon as Ginza and CDON feels like shipping them, will let you know when I get them!


THE SIMS 4 ITEMS! Headphones and carpet-thingy from my mother, and the mouse from my little brother. These things are just beyond awesome and literally squeaking over this. I ran up, cleared off my whole computer place only to make room for this.

So, tell me, if this isn’t the ultimate The Sims gaming corner, then I don’t know what to do.


With that said, I’m now going to keep playing The Sims. Stephenie are starting to get somewhere, finally!

// Sara

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