Wait and Bleed

Ahh. Christmas is coming closer and closer. You can basically feel it.

I must admit, I have stressed very little this christmas, haha. Probably because I just felt that I might as well just get everything right away instead of stressing in the last minute. I’ll still have to do it, because there are som last minute gifts I have to get, but aside that, it’s all very cool.

What does stresses me out though is Vermillia. I got to take her out today again immediately she started running like crazy in the wheel for a good three hours or so. I know this is what hamsters do and all, but she always ends up so exhausted every time she does it that I’m getting slightly worried. She never had a wheel in her cage at the store so I assume she’s not in a very good shape. I’ll keep it like it is for now, with her using the wheel outside her cage than in, so we can see if she’ll start doing it modestly… So she doesn’t kill herself with a heartattack or so.

I’m currently listening to the live recording of SlipKnot from London (Disasterpieces). Makes me so excited for next year. I don’t really want this year to end just yet, but damn. Next year is looking so promising I don’t even know anymore.

// Sara

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