Juodaan Viina

Alrighty! This has been a looooong day. First of all, as you saw from yesterday, we spent all night at Ingesund. It was quite exciting, but also scary. The doors beeped like crazy when you held them open for a moment too long, and also this “will someone come?” spooked us a bit. Like, imagine being in the control room and all of a sudden someone appears in the studio. Would. Have. Died.

Well, what did we do this long night? Well, we finalized pretty much all the voice overs. Now there’s going to be a few days of editing what we already have together into one piece, and then check if we need to do some extra lines or do-overs, and then the project will be practically done!


We also started getting some new ideas for some new projects… but that, I’ll save for later.

// Sara

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