Sealing My Fate

Ahhh, this day has been so long! Got up already at 4 this morning to get over to school to start prepping for todays studiosession. We were a bit clueless, since we hadn’t got detailed specifications on what drum set we were to used, but it turned out to be something very similar to what we already had in the studio! I was a happy panda.

Set up when fairly quickly and for once in my life I DID master the DM2000. Nothing is going to stop me now, that’s for sure. The ‘band’ we recorded was pretty cool – they had some real sweet tunes and they were a blast to work with. We got four songs done, so I couldn’t be more pleased! Next week we’ll start mixing the things and I’m just thrilled about the whole thing. I’m sorry I can’t tell you much more about the process or project, but this is technically an examination project for school so I’ll keep a bit quiet about it. But yes! Long day gets longer, as I’m just about to head to work now. Haha, oh the life sometimes.



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