“Akhenaton” is a track off Serious Black’s new album coming out in January. I’ve just got the album for review, and I really like it so far! Review will be up a lot later.

Right now, it feels like I’m running out of time with EVERYTHING. Tomorrow we have this big thing coming out way – we are going to record a band “on our own” in the studio – me and Sara alone. Our teacher will be there, but we are supposed to take care of it ourselves. I’m nervous as hell, but on the same time I feel calm. I’m not too familiar with the studio yet, but I think we’ll be able to work most of the things out as we go. We got a good plan lined out so far, so I’m confident we will survive. I hope.

On top of that I’m also working tomorrow night, it’s my first time working on a Thursday. Really looking forward to it, but it doesn’t exactly help my problems with making time count! Oh well. I should stop worry about that, and start packing for tomorrow. I’m leaving home already at 4.30 to make sure to get everything ready… Oh the things you do for your education sometimes.

// Sara

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