Lay It Down

Today = hectic. I started off the morning fairly early with a doctors appointment for my heart condition. It was all good, just as usual. After that I got on the bus directly to Ingesund in order to continue with the voice over project we started last week. “Unfortuneatley” we had managed to plan this in the middle of my class, so I had to get out to get to class for a moment.

After that we had a quick dinner before continuing. We started off by re-recording ALL of my vocals for Joey, and directly afterwards starting with the first tests for Sid and Corey. Mick is 99% done since last time – we only have  a few more extras to do, and most importantly, we need to redo the absolute best part… haha, oh god.


After finishing up the three (four) character we decided to bounce out the test to start putting it together. It was difficult for us to see what else we needed to fill in and what sound levels to put in when we couldn’t SEE the finished thing – and it was beyond hilarious. I hope this will turn out as good and fun as we’ve had recording it.


Next week we’re getting at it again. However, I will sure as hell keep myself busy this week – I plan to wrap up all my assignments this week. And it should be possible. Should be.

// Sara


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