Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now

That’s almost what I feel like now. I have finally finished all the exams I had left to finish for school, and I only have some minor music business related tasks left, and the music business isn’t exactly what’s tricky for me as you know.

Aside that, my concert weeks are starting to come together as well. I’ve finally been able to book the majority of the trip for SlipKnot tour, and it feels good as hell. After calculations and thinking and more calculations it appears I can do one more stop on my SlipKnot tour which makes me beyond excited. Figured I’d celebrate all these amazing happenings with re-decorating my Lordi wall (tomorrow) and perhaps getting a few cheap CD’s or two. I just need to get my CD-priority list in line. I have this whole list of CD’s I plan to get, but I always end up buying CD’s that aren’t on the list at all. Why. WHY.

Now, I need to get to bed. Tomorrow is a hectic day; doctor’s appointment in the morning, lecture in school and after that some sweet voice overs in the studio again. Loving this right now.

// Sara

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