REVIEW: The Heart of the Matter – TRIOSPHERE

Triosphere is a Norwegian power/progressive metal band formed back in 2004 by vocalist Ida Haukland and guitarist Marius Silver. The band has previously released two albums – “Onwards” and “The Road Less Travelled” and are after four years and many big tours back with new material, in the shape of “The Heart of the Matter”.

When turning on the album we’re greeted with “My Fortress” which opens calmly with some acoustic guitars triggering up before it almost explodes into the aggressive guitars and drums and strong chorus.. If the rest of the album was going to be only half as good as this, I’d be much happy. And it was. We got “Breathless” which opens aggressively only to calm down for the verse and moving on to a strong chorus with amazing lyrics, moving yet heavy “The Sphere” and wrapping it all up with the serene “Virgin Ground”, a song that almost leaves me speechless.

So, without exagerating, I guess we can all agree that this is one of the most promising band out of Norway as we speak. The whole album is pure joyfulness and ease. I’m not sure if that is even the correct word, so you understand the point. The whole album is filled with heavy, progressive riffs which moves into strong, melodic and wonderful choruses. And I promise you – you will have at least one of these choruses on your mind after listening to the album.

One track that stands out for me a lot, is “The Heart’s Dominion”. The heaviness of the musical arrangement together with the big chantings for the opening and the aggressiveness in Ida’s voice in the chorus, the lyrics… I guess I need say no more. This, together with “Breathless” are easily my favorites on this album.

Productionwise this album was very well done. The songwriting for this album has taken a big leap forward since their last album, “The Road Less Travelled” and it’s a lot more polished and wellcomposed this time around. The arrangements of the album is very well-done so I really have nothing to complain about. This is the best album the band has done in their career so far, and the hour you’ll spend listen to these 12 wellcomposed tracks will be an hour well spent.

Best tracks: Breathless & The Heart’s Dominion. Can’t choose one!

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Coverart for Triosphere
(Label: AFM Records)

// Sara


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