Scare Force One in Finland – Part 3

And with that,the gig was over. Before the gig, we had been told we could possibly go backstage, so directly after we had to head over to the meeting point, and of course it’s at this point we run into Maddy and Jasmin! I tell you though. Maddy is a girl I’ve known for a good 8, yes _8_ years and I hadn’t met her up til this point! My god! It was such a surreal feeling a way, this girl you’ve chatted with for so many years and all of a sudden she’s there! Right in front of you!

A brief little hello before we had to rush further, in order not to loose our friends. Gladly, we were all re-united with everyone at the meeting point and headed over to the backstage-area.

And seriously, it was a mess alright.

First of all, there were all these people with the VIP passes that apparently included a meet&greet or something with Lordi, and fair enough! But after a while it was time for us to get in as well, and first we got in and somehow Sophie managed to sneak in with us. They stopped Anthalerero in the door but with a little bit of arguing about her being the photographer we got her in to, and with her came Jasmin and her friend, and then the next thing happened where they stopped Maddy in the door and the next little argument started about that they can’t take in us all and leave Maddy behind, so gladly we got her in to. I think Laura and her guy managed to sneak in at this point to, as you can hear: TOTAL CHAOS!

Anyway, we were told to be quick getting our pictures taken, and I’d say we were! It wasn’t so much of a meet&greet, more of a “GET IN TAKE A PHOTO GET OUT” kind of thing, BUT, Mr OX and I did totally have a moment.



First picture is Michelle and Kaarle, second pic is Mara and Me, and the photo of me and Mara is taken by Anthalerero. 

I sadly do not have pictures of the other guys with Lordi, but you get the picture! After this we all stood in a little circle waiting for each other to get done when one of Kaarles friends came over and gave me one of Mana’s used drumsticks! Seriously, thank you J! That was just the cherry on top, seriously. When getting into the lobby we ran into Laura, who worked at the exhibition in Savonlinna this summer, if you remember? It was really nice seeing her again, and saying a more proper hello! After going out of the area we all kinda split up. Maddy & co headed over to Bäkkäri, Mara and Kaarle headed home and me, Michelle, Sophie and Anthalerero headed to the hotel to drop off some stuff and a quick clothing change before joining the rest of the people at Bäkkäri. But before so,we had one last groupshot.


We ended up spending a little while at home talking about everything and nothing before “finally” heading over to Bäkkäri where we met up with Jasmin, Maddy and their friend. We had a good few hours talking and laughing, and at one point the wonderful Kaisa came over to say hi! This meeting was completely unexepcted, but this is also one of these Lordi fans I’ve had contact with for a few years and never actually met until now. It was really cool meeting you!


I promise. Maddy did survive. Anyways, after a few hours at the place we all got a little tired and me, Michelle, Antha and Sophie headed back to the hotel where we originally planned to go to bed… and well, Michelle did, but the rest of us sat up and talked and talked for hours and hours about everything and nothing. A lot of gasps, laughters and memories shared until we decided that it might be a good idea to get a few hours of sleep before getting up to showing Antha out of the hotel in the morning. I think we slept about two hours before we went up again. Ahh, the life on the road! We said good bye to Antha for this time, went back to bed for an hour or so before going up and packing everything and saying good bye to the most amazing hotel ever.

We met up with Sophie at Sokos McDonalds and headed towards the cutest little coffeshop for breakfast and good bye. And I swear to god, like I already wrote in the previous entry… I could have sat in that coffeshop for the whole day, forever. I didn’t for a split moment want it to end. It was just heartbreaking when we had to leave for the bus and say good bye to Sophie for the last time… I can’t tell you people enough how badly I did NOT want this all to end.


This was the best weekend I have had in a very, very long time, perhaps ever. Meeting up with peers that shares the same passion as you, and meeting up with them all on the same time, in the best city in the entire world, watching the best band in this world and just living inside this little bubble that is the Lordi fandom for a whole weekend… It’s just beyond amazing and it’s the best thing you could ever possibly do.

Thank you, sincerely, ALL of you who made this weekend the perfect that it was. I’ll thank you all one more time.
Thank you, Michelle, Sophie, Kaarle, Mara, Argo, Anthalerero, Maddy, Jasmin, Aneta, Laura, Kaisa and of course – Lordi.

// Sara

One Response to “Scare Force One in Finland – Part 3”

  1. The please was all mine!
    It was so fucking great that we were finally able to meet 🙂
    But I’m sure that this wasn’t the last time that we did!

    And this backstage thing.. It indeed was a freaking mess.. 😀
    Luckily it all turned out nicely for us, yay!

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