Knotfest 1

Peoples! AS WE SPEAK Knotfest is happening in the California, and you can follow the show live on (unless there are technical difficulties, which it has been on and off during the night). Of Mice and Men are currently on!

The only shows I managed to catch last night however was the ones of female-fronted Butcher Babies and Black Label Society. Both shows were fine, and I was might impressed by Butcher Babies, a band I never heard of before! Sadly, I missed out on the Knot because of the timezones, but I saw a video of “Custer” earlier today and I literally died. So fucking great. Therefore, I’m going to bed earlier tonight with the plan of getting up in time for the stream tomorrow, which starts at 5 am all you Europeans (that carries GMT + 1)

So far today, up until now I’ve been able to see Devil Driver and Whitechapel. Both bands did a good job, but I’m not sure if I’d call either of the bands my cup of tea. I had hoped to be able to see Avatar, but not only did the stream go offline for me, but they also streamed Killswitch Engage instead.

With all this being said, I’ll leave you here with “Custer” and me myself, I’m heading to bed. Good night people, and see you tomorrow!

// Sara

(The whole show of the Knot from yesterday is available on youtube as well!)


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