CUSTER – New song from SlipKnot

So! Today SlipKnot released a new song from their upcoming album “5: The Gray Chapter”, called “Custer”

So. THIS, my friends, I enjoy LIKE HELL. More than I enjoy “The Negative One” and “The Devil in I” together. At first when I heard it, I didn’t even recognize Corey’s voice, which is insane! What is it then that I love so much about this song… everything. I love the beat and rythm in the song, you know, the flow – the writing, essentially.

I’m also in deep love with the arrangement, and especially the arrangement with the vocals. First of all – can we just appriciate that Corey have gotten back to the vocals he’d have for like S/T and “Iowa” or any early stuff really – and that he got back this, how do you say it… almost teasing way of singing? Not teasing as in a tease, but as in the chorus of “Eyeless”, where he got this… mocking! Mocking tone to it, but throughout the whole song.

And then we have this that occurs right before the chorus – where everything just goes silent, basically, and someone speaks “cut cut cut me up and fuck fuck fuck me up”, before it goes RIGHT INTO INSANITY AGAIN! Heavy beats, heavy riff, strong vocals. And I’m not sure if it’s my dysfunctional speakers – or do the sound actually increase? Does it go higher in dB as the song progresses?

I’m having it on right now on my big speakers, and it started off fine, now it’s terrifying me with the volume. And I haven’t even touched the volume knob. Whatever it is – if it’s anything I love about SlipKnot – it’s the intensity. The end of this song people, if you aren’t going insane, you just ain’t feeling it, and you need to crank it up even louder.

Well. Finally, I’m getting a song that truly gets me excited for this album. “The Negative One” and “The Devil In I” was fine enough – but this, this is the good stuff. Ahhh. This is the sound of good music.

// Sara

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