The End of an Era: Anders Johansson

This morning I woke up to some sad news, but this time, it wasn’t about Lordi, but about HammerFall.

After 15 years in the band, Anders Johansson has decided to leave the band.

The reasons given in the status posted by HammerFall on their official Facebook page, it was due to musical differencies and many, many years in the musicbusiness that lead to Anders feeling that “enough is enough” and that he is now leaving it all behind.

First of all, I’m just gonna say that I have mixed feelings about it. I’m a little shocked over it – they JUST released “(r)Evolution” and they just had their release party a little over a month ago, and the tour was coming up – and pof. Anders’ gone. Just like that.

But on the same time, while I’m shocked… I still don’t get upset. I understand it. He’s been in the buisness for a little over 30 years, at least, and has done so many things, that I guess at some point you just have to stop. Even I would have, if I had the musical resumé Anders has.

With all this being said, I wanna give a BIG shout out to Anders – a HUGE THANK YOU for all the music, all the shows and all the memories. I don’t really have any specific memories with Anders since I never met HammerFall more than at signing sessions – but Anders, you are one of my favorite drummers through times, and one of the major influences on me and why I want to be a drummer one day.

Again, Thank you Anders, for everything. Good luck in the future!


From their releasegig at Liseberg, Anders sporting the Hector helmet.

// Sara

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